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re4_tweaks - Fixes and tweaks for the Steam version of Resident Evil 4

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A project designed to fix and tweak the “UHD” port of Resident Evil 4 on Steam.

Current features

  • Increase FOV - Increases the default FOV. Useful to prevent motion sickness in some people.

  • Fix ultrawide aspect ratio - Fixes the incorrect aspect ratio when playing in ultrawide resolutions, preventing the image from being cut off and the HUD appearing off-screen. Only tested in 21:9.

  • Disable V-Sync - Forces V-Sync to be disabled. For some reason the vanilla game doesn’t provide a functional way to do this.

  • Fix display mode/black screen issue - Allows the game to use non-60Hz refresh rates in fullscreen, fixing the black screen issue people have when starting it.

  • Restore pickup screen transparency - Restores a transparency effect that is missing from the item pickup screeen.

  • Disable broken “Filter03” - This filter was originally meant to add an extra glow effect on certain fire sources, but it was broken when the game was ported to the Xbox 360, making the entire image have an orange tint overlay applied to it.

  • Fix blurry image - Fixes a problem related to a vertex buffer that caused the image to be slightly blurred, making the image much sharper and clearer.

  • Disable film grain - Disables the film grain overlay that is present in most sections of the game.

  • Enable GC blur - Restores DoF blurring from the GC version, which was removed/unimplemented in later ports.

  • Enable GC scope blur - Restores outer-scope blurring when using a scope, which was removed/unimplemented in later ports.

  • Borderless window - Whether to use a borderless-window when using windowed-mode.

  • 60 FPS fixes - Tries to fix some issues left by the people who created the 60 FPS mode in this port. Currently, it changes the following:
    • Fixes the speed of falling items, making them not fall at double speed. This issue was one of the first issues people noticed (when this port was still being teased in trailers), but Q-LOC never fixed it, even after releasing 6 patches.
    • When running in 60 FPS, some QTEs require extremely fast button presses to work. This gets even worse in Professional difficulty, making it seem almost impossible to survive the minecart and the statue bridge QTEs. This fix makes QTEs that involve rapid button presses much more forgiving.
  • Ashley’s fixed camera angles - Unlocks the JP-only classic camera angles during Ashley’s segment.

  • Skip intro logos - Whether to skip the beginning Capcom etc intro logos when starting up the game.

  • Enable debug menu - Enables the “tool menu” debug menu, present inside the game but unused, and adds a few custom menu entries (“SAVE GAME”, “DOF/BLUR MENU”, etc). More info in the .ini file.

  • Change controller sensitivity - For some reason the vanilla game doesn’t have an option to change it for controllers, only for the mouse.

  • Mouse turning - Makes the mouse turn the character instead of controlling the camera, similar to Resident Evil 5.

  • Fix sniper zoom - When playing with keyboard and mouse, this fixes an annoying bug which would cause your camera to be off-center after you zoomed in with a sniper rifle.

  • Fix sniper focus - When zooming in and out with the sniper rifle using a mouse, this option makes the “focus” animation look similar to how it looks like with a controller.

  • Fix “Retry/Load” mouse selector - Prevents the game from overriding your selection in the “Retry/Load” screen when moving the mouse before confirming an action. This bug usually causes people to return to the main menu by mistake, when they actually wanted to just restart from the last checkpoint.

  • Flip items in your inventory using the keyboard - Creates key bindings to flip (not just rotate) items when playing with a keyboard and mouse, just like you can do if you play with a controller.
    • Default bindings:
      • Flip up: Home
      • Flip down: End
      • Flip left: Insert
      • Flip right: Page Up
  • Rebind keyboard QTE keys - The vanilla game doesn’t allow the user to change the main QTE keys, being “X” and “C”. Changing them via an .ini file is possible, but the on screen prompts don’t change to match the new keys, leading to confusion. This mod changes the default QTE keys to be “A” and “D”, both customizable and with proper on screen prompt support.

  • Allow high resolution SFD files - Allocate more memory for SFD movie files, and properly scale its resolution display above 512x336. Not tested beyond 1920x1080.

  • RaiseVertexAlloc - Allocate more memory for some vertex buffers. This prevents a crash that can happen when playing with a high FOV.

  • RaiseInventoryAlloc - Allocate more memory for the inventory screen, preventing crashes with high-poly models inside ss_pzzl.dat.


Download the lastest release from here: https://github.com/nipkownix/re4_tweaks/releases

Extract dinput8.dll and dinput8.ini to Steam\steamapps\common\Resident Evil 4\Bin32.

Options can be configured either by manually editing dinput8.ini, or by pressing F1 to bring up the in-game configuration menu.

If you use Raz0r’s “Ultimate Trainer Companion”, you will notice both mods use the same “dinput8” name. In this case, for them to work together, rename re4_tweaks’s files to either “winmm” or “xinput1_3”.

Massive thanks to emoose for his incredible help with many of these features.

I have a Steam thread regarding the project here if any assistance is needed.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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